Become a volunteer

Become a volunteer

Volunteer, why not you?

Want to give a little of your time and volunteer? Matumaini will be happy to welcome you.
Each year volunteers provide our shelter with activities and services for our girls. By joining our team you will be able to make your ideas live and share them as well as to enhance your skills.

Other ways to help you?

At any time, if you wish, you can volunteer in one of our activities or local actions about girls education and social emancipation of the woman.

  • Workshop animations
  • Fund raising
  • Various events
  • Recreational and cultural outings, etc.

Contact us

You can write to our dedicated team at


ALEXANDRA MATUMAINI, is more than just a big house with our daughters, each one possessing a particular personality.

They are beautiful and intelligent. They all have considerable but also remarkable assets and graces. They are each multitasking (know how to make braids between them, creations of various natures, know how to cook, etc)

They know how to sing; with their voices of angels that leave no one indifferent. They are deep and also spiritual. They are true in their language, in their love for others.

I have a lot of love to give, but with our girls MATUMAINI, I received more than one dose.

I learned to identify myself better by being in contact with these girls. I have learned to love each and every child without bias …