Literacy center

In October 2014, Matumaini won the Orange France Foundation’s WOMAN FOR CHANGE for Africa prize. This award, won for our project ‘Literacy for Young Women and Girls’, allowed us to open a literacy and training center in February 2016. To date, one hundred and fifty girls and women have become literate for free.

The center is accessible for those who cannot afford to go to school and those who are homeless. Our goal is to be able to give them the basics of education, in other words, to be able to read, write and calculate, which is a fundamental right.

Nineteen million people are illiterate in the DRC, 39% of whom are women. The phenomenon of illiteracy often leads these victims of the system to family and social devaluation. In this concern, our goal is to provide these women with complete empowerment through literacy in the national language and coaching through training modules, such as the production and marketing of handicrafts, such as soap making. Africa has adopted the new technologies. Today Africa is a Silicon Valley with applications to improve the lives of everyone, to improve the lives of women. Thus, because Africa has a head start, we cannot let illiterate women live on the margins of the society around us.

Digital House

In order to evolve with our times, Matumaini Digital House will opened its doors in February 2018, thanks to the Orange Foundation, our partner.

The digital house whose access will be free will offer the following services: 

  •    Long-term digital training (6 to 8 months) ;
  •    Literacy in the national language ;
  •    Access to the cooperative.

Convinced that by combining technology and education we will contribute effectively to solving the problems related to literacy while allowing program beneficiaries to be armed for a world that is increasingly digital.

Matumaini set up the digital house for women with a training program and digital literacy.