Uzuri wa Asili the beauty of nature

Set up in November 2016, the UZASI Cooperative was created with 15 women registered for the Matumaini Center literacy program.

Literacy and training in transformation of local products: flowers, plants, seeds of the DRC are transformed for the manufacture of natural cosmetics (soaps, oils, creams) in association with shea and cocoa of West Africa …

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The Matumaini Village, the vision of Matumaini for the future is the « Matumaini Village », the village of women and young girls.

A space that brings together subjects of accommodation, health, education, environment and entrepreneurship. We would like to build a school which girls can attend for free, a shelter that can accommodate more girls over 18 years. In order to raise awareness about reproductive health, contraception, pregnancy and early marriage, the project is to set up a family planning center.

The illiteracy rate is high among women, our literacy center has entrepreneurship training and sessions to learn to read, write and calculate. Finally, in order to meet the climatic challenges the village Matumaini will be equipped with a renewable energy system. The creation of an agricultural zone is a sustainable development of the communities by making the market-garden mothers work, feeding the population and designing an income-generating activity for the village.

Yekola, digital education

It is with this in mind that we have developed a 100% made in Congo application that speaks the language of Congolese children but also of all francophone Africa. In a playful and entertaining way, Mbuyi, Yatelia, Kalulu and Munzo will accompany the young to discover the alphabet, the figures and also our history, our geography and our biodiversity.

The Comic Book, "Let's Learn Our Rights"

The theme of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

It aims to popularize and sensitize children on their rights in a playful manner and adapted to their understanding. The articles grouped in 4 themes, will be approached in 4 episodes.

The distribution will be free in the schools of Kinshasa and in the various provinces of the DRC.